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As an artistic empath, I have for a long time felt the need to share with others my knowledge on matters of the Spirit and life. I believe we already possess all the answers within ourselves to know how to best navigate our path. However we do not always reach those answers in a direct way and many of us cannot access that source of wisdom due to the barriers  our environment imposes on us. 

I found Tarot to be my medium to reach that source of clarity and share it with others. 

After an experience of 20 years in Tarot reading, I feel today strong and secure enough to create my own Oracle card deck, which is based in my artwork, intuitive strength and life experience. I use also additional decks such as the traditional Rider Waite Tarot and my own "Portal" deck, designed to dive into specific and more personal messages. 

I believe Tarot is only one of many resources our unconsciousness uses to reach that deeper level of understanding about ourselves and our life situations. However, Tarot does not determine our lives, nor our future, but it offers us a rich view of things we can't see about ourselves, others and the happenings ahead, allowing us to retain the will and the power to shape our destiny and making the decisions that might be best for us, all by tuning with  of our intuitive self and returning love and kindness to others.

I am not religious and I am not superstitious. I only believe in the beauty and the power of our own energies, our good will, our Universe and the compassion to the world around us.  

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My readings should only be considered as guidance and loving advise and they do not mean to replace serious medical help, professional coaching or to have any decisions made upon the information I provide. You are the Master of your Destiny and the creator of your own happiness. 


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