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There are always pretty little things in the making, by the hands of mixed media artist Ana Priscila Rodriguez (All Things Lost on Earth) 

oh yes! and merch is also on its way ;-) 

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Set of 2 brooches "I see you not "

Op voorraad

Haunting handmade metal duo brooch pinned on canvas. Mixed media unique art piece. You can wear it or display it on your wall. Delivered with art certificate signed by the artist.

All materials are second hand - vintage articles or recycled.

Size: 4.0cm x 3.0cm. and 1.0cm x 1.0 cm. Only one in stock.

from the collection "The Entity" by All Things Lost on Earth, 2021

IMPORTANT: This jewelry piece should be treated as a delicate unique artwork. It is not suitable for rough use and to be exposed to the weather elements. May you wish to modify or affect the piece in any way, the artist should not be made responsible for the damage.

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